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Car accident management companies

Looking for an accident management company ? Before we talk about the benefits of Car Accident Claims Management companies, let’s talk about some statistics. There is an average of 6 million car accidents in the US per day. Approximately 7% of those accidents result in property damage. About half of those are injured in the accident. The odds of getting in a car crash are 1 in 77. Research by The Institutes of Advanced Motorists shows that “86% of fleets experienced an accident in the last 12 months, and 100% of fleets had an accident where one of their drivers were t fault’”. 33% of those reported that at fault drivers had some sort of punitive measure taken against them.

I AM additionally reported that drivers of company vehicles are 25% more likely to have minor accidents than drivers of their own personal vehicles.

Imagine the odds that your fleet will deal with accidents this year. Nearly every fleet will be faced with Accident Claims Management each year. See Why accident management companies can be handy ?

There is one accident claims management company that offers everything you need from the tow truck, to accident car replacement hire and to the repair of your car while dealing with your insurer. That car accident claims management company is

When you’re managing a fleet of vehicles, the administrative and financial impact of accidents are an unwelcome headache and hassle of time and cost. There are factors and costs involved that include the loss of money due to downtime of the vehicle and/or driver; administrative time and cost to manage the different facets of the accident; and more.

Car accident management company sydneyAccident Claims Management involves a lot of phone calls and a lot of paperwork. It requires meticulous completion of paperwork and tracking of all aspects of the claim. It also requires the ability to work well with a variety of personalities for the best results and the patience to negotiate the best results. It calls for knowing every corner to look in and an established network that works in your favor.

What Needs to Be Done to Manage a Claim?

Research shows that the real cost of an accident could be between 4 and 32 times the “bent metal cost”. Time and costs involved include:

•Gathering details about the accident, ensuring your driver knows what to do and what evidence to gather at the scene
•Assess the damage
•Securing a tow truck
•Secure a replacement vehicle
•Managing quotes for repair and getting the best quality at the best price
•Overseeing repair process and speedy completion
•Managing any claims for injuries, doctor’s visits, etc.
•Managing any psychological issues, emotional support needed due to the accident
•Managing any loss of income for the driver
•Working with any other insurance companies involved
•And more

What Does a Car Accident Claims Management Company Do for Me?

Car accident Claims Management companies take the burden off you to manage everything. They are also well-practiced in processing auto accidents, so they know the ins and outs better than anyone. They can help you save money by handling the claims efficiently. They can usually also get the best repair rates and even protect you from losing any “no accident” claims benefits.

They will:

•Remove the administrative strain of handling all aspects of the accident from your company including the plethora of calls that will have to be made and paperwork that will have to be processed and managed
•They will instruct the driver of exactly what to do at the scene
•Gather all of the details and evidence from the accident including statements and pictures
•Arrange for a tow truck to retrieve the vehicle; they can also potentially secure lower tow costs because of established relationships
•Assess the damage resulting from the accident
•Arrange quick vehicle replacement and manage costs
•Negotiate the lowest repair costs with a repair shop of your choice
•Ensure speedy repairs so you can get your vehicle back on the road as quickly as possible
•Manage any injury claims and doctor’s visits
•Provide emotional support to the driver
•Work with insurance companies to resolve their claims
•Identify opportunities to recover losses and pursue them; accident management specialists often recover high percentages of the money they pursue for losses

Benefits of Working with a Claims Management Company in Sydney

Car accident managementBecause they save you time, keep all costs as low as possible including tow and repair costs, pursue recovery to put money back in your pocket, there really isn’t a downside to working with a Claims Management Company.

Working with a Claim’s Management Specialist ensures that everything is handled correctly and efficiently. It takes the stress off you to deal with all that comes along with managing a car accident and leaves you free to continue managing the rest of your business. Sometimes we think we’ll just handle something ourselves but as a business owner, delegation to the proper parties are a key responsibility. You have a business to run and managing an accident takes a lot of time and attention to details. Additionally, specialists know exactly what they’re doing and where to look for opportunities to save or recover money, someone who isn’t an expert may not know all the tricks of the trade or have the same connections that someone in the industry does. No matter how complicated a claim, they can handle it.

Essentially Claims Management companies will manage everything very similarly to the way an insurance company would, except they’re not the insurance company and they have your best interests in mind. Instead, they can often prevent you from losing your “no accident” claims status.

Should You Work with an Accident Claims Management Company?

If you manage a fleet of vehicles, the answer is yes. The chances that drivers in your fleet will be in an accident and that some of them will be t fault’ is high. If you look at the stats we mentioned and all the things that a Claims Specialist does for you, the answer is clear. A Claims Management Company wants to present the best results possible to you so they will work hard to reduce as many costs as possible, recover any money possible, process all of the paperwork carefully and correctly, and wrap everything up as quickly as possible for you. They will work just as hard as if it’s their own business because they want to make sure you’re happy. It looks good on them when they deliver good results so why wouldn’t they work hard to achieve that goal?